Local / Toll Free

Your second number can be Local, or Toll Free number to increase authority. Local numbers starts with area code related to your city for example if the area code is 315 or 212, that's a New York phone number. Toll Free are business numbers, they are free to call and more authoritative.

No Sim

Add virtual numbers on the same device via the web app. Our second phone number for business can be added from our mobile dashboard - it works both on IPhone and Android and anybody can call you.

Call Forwarding

All the incoming calls are conveniently call forwarded to your first phone number. Answer the calls, the same way you answer now, without revealing your personal number.


Never miss a client again! When you buy a second number, it comes with an activated voicemail. We will record your business messages, which are easy to access from your dashboard.

Call Tracking

Your second phone number for business is well organized. We keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls, again easy to access from your dashboard.


Your privacy is our main concern. Your outgoing calls are initiated via your second number and your incoming calls are call forwarded to your personal number, privately. Take care of business without revealing your number.


What is Second Phone Number?

Second Phone Number is a website for virtual numbers you can get online. We offer toll-free numbers and local numbers. Our mobile-optimized dashboard allows you to send and receive calls at an extremely affordable price.

Can I get a second phone number for free?

You can get a second number at an affordable price. We offer a weekly subscription at $4.99, monthly at $9.99, and unlimited use at $19.99. We are also working on free trial second numbers.

How can I get a second phone number?

Search our vast database of second phone numbers and choose one. Follow our 1-minute process and you will be set up. You can just click one of the second numbers you see on that page and see how it works.

Can you have 2 phone numbers on one phone?

With Second Phone Number - yes you can. Our second numbers are virtual - No SIM is required. Signup and start doing business within a minute!

Is my second phone number private?

Your second phone number for business is private, in the sense that it's shielding your personal number. Separate business from personal, and protect your personal number.


5 stars
Ready for business...
Have this second number option is easier than adding a second number to my cellular plan. The app is super user friendly and easy to fined answer to any questions that may arise. The set up process is was less than a minute.
5 stars
It's my first time using this app and it's actually pretty good.
I had run into some other apps but they were to much hassle to get into but second phone number is actually really good.
5 stars
So far it works great!
Changes my number when I call and all calls have been perfect just like any other regular call.