What is the free phone number you are sending from?

Once you install Second Phone Number, you can start using it immediately via the free phone numbers you receive in the app. The numbers are random and visible after you send your first message/call for a given contact.

Again, you need to start the communication before you can see your outgoing caller id. If you have no messages and phone calls for that contact, you have no outgoing number assigned yet.

Once you sent your first message or call your number is visible in the chat screen:

Please look in the middle of your smartphone screen. You will see a white bubble with red font and a phone handset icon – this is the free phone number you are using for that contact. Note that, usually we assign different free numbers for different contacts. Still, the free numbers are just to test the service – for full experience we recommend buying your own number so you can choose a specific are code and use the number for all your contacts.

Here is another way to check your outgoing caller id – do you see the 3 vertical dots in the top/right corner of your conversation screen( chat window – the screen that opens when you choose a contact):

This is the settings menu for this conversation, tap on it and have a look at the submenus – there is a menu called Caller ID:

Tap on the Caller ID menu, the dialog will popup:

You can show this dialog at any time to check our outgoing number. At this point, there is an indication that you are using a free number. You can use the free number as long as you like but for the full experience, we recommend buying your own phone number.

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