Send your first message and phone call

Sending your first message with Second Phone Number is extremely fast and easy. Upon install, you can start using the app immediately. You will be granted a free random number automatically and you can just select a contact and hit send( free credits also included so you can test the service ). Here is how the main screen looks( you will see this screen the first time you open the app):

Tap on the Choose Contact button to select a phone number from your phone book. Once the contact is selected, you will enter the chat screen:

Please, pay attention to the pricing info:

The labels on that screen indicated how many credits do you need for each action. Usually, you are charged 1 credit for a text message or a calling minute for the US and Canada. If you want to send a photo or a long message( more than 160 Latin characters), the charge is 2 credits.

Now, please, pay attention to the textbox at the bottom of the screen. Enter your message into that textbox and hit the send button:

How about phone calls? Well, now that you selected your contact, that’s pretty easy – just tap on the phone handset icon on the top right of your screen:

That’s how easy it is to use Second Phone Number! See you in the next post!

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