How to change my number?

Let’s say you have more than one number with us. Some clients need different area codes for the normal operation of their company in different local areas. Sometimes you just need more than one line for different purposes.

Changing your second number is extremely easy. First, you need to select your contact from the main screen:

You can also tap on the Choose Contact button and start a new conversation. If you have more than one number on our app, the system will ask you which one you want to use:

If by chance you are in the middle of a conversation or you just opened the conversation/chat window and you want to change your second number for that communication, you can tap on the settings menu at your top/right and choose Caller ID:

You will see a new popup where you can change your number:

Choose the number you want to use for this contact and you are ready to go. How to check your outgoing number? You can use the same technique described above and check which number is selected, or, if there is already some communication started, you can check the number header between the log lines:

On the screen, above you can see that first, we used a random number that has no friendly name, then we switched to our Washington second number.

That’s how easy it is to switch between your second numbers!

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