Get your own second phone number

When you install our app you get a free phone number along with free credits to test the service. If you need a specific local area code and full experience, we recommend you buy your own second number.

One way to do that is via the main menu, it’s on your top/left corner of your main screen:

Tap on the main menu and choose My Numbers:

This submenu will take you to the screen where all your numbers are listed, if you have any( yes, you can buy more than one second number):

If this is the first time you are accessing that screen, it should look like the image above. The system is indicating you can use our free numbers but you can also buy your own. Tap on the Buy Number button – a new screen will open where you can choose the country code of your number(currently we support the US and Canada):

If you want to switch the country, just tap on the flag and choose a supported country:

In case you want a US number, make sure the US flag is selected(the US is set by default ). For Canada, you should select the Canadian flag.

Now you can search for a particular area code that you need. Area codes are important since a lot of people will pick up only numbers with their local area code. You can start typing in the search field on the screen. Let’s say you need a Washington DC area code, type the code:

You can experiment with your search query and once you liked a number, tap on it:

Now that you chose the number, give it a friendly name so you can refer to it. The friendly name is something that we will show on the App as a short and friendly reference, it also helps if you have more than one number. You also need to choose for how long you need the number:

Click on Buy Number and follow the purchase flow via your app store. Once the purchase finish successfully, you should see your number on the My Numbers page, tap on your number:

This will take you to the settings page of your second number, where you can change the friendly name and extend the number so that it does not expire:

We will send you a number of notifications if you need to extend your number so that you do not lose it, but you are free to check this screen regularly.

Now go and use your second phone number!

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