Filtered messages. Account under review.

Some messages might be filtered by our system or directly from the mobile operators. This is done due to a regulation with regards of sending text messages over the internet via a virtual number. All SMS messaging in The United States of America is governed by the CTIA – The Wireless Association.

We do not have control over what is filtered by mobile operators nor we are aware of the exact filters. If your message gets filter you will receive a warning in the app. From what we know, here is what is 100% forbidden:

  • Anything that is illegal in the jurisdiction where the message recipient lives. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Cannabis. Messages related to cannabis are not allowed in the United States as federal laws prohibit its sale, even though some states have legalized it. Similarly, messages related to CBD are not permissible in the United States, as certain states prohibit its sale. Twilio defines a cannabis message as any message which relates to the marketing or sale of a cannabis product, regardless of whether or not those messages explicitly contain cannabis terms, images, or links to cannabis websites.
    • Prescription Medication. Offers for prescription medication that cannot legally be sold over-the-counter are prohibited in the United States.
  • Hate speech, harassment, exploitative, abusive, or any communications that originate from a hate group.
  • Fraudulent messages.
  • Sexual content, sex work content.
  • Malicious content, such as malware or viruses.
  • Any content that is designed to intentionally evade filters (see below).

Another important aspect is unwanted messages. You need to make sure the messages you are sending have proper consent from the recipient. Sending messages against the consent of the recipient is strictly forbidden.

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