Filtered messages. Account under review.

Some messages might be filtered by our system or directly from the mobile operators. This is done due to a regulation with regards of sending text messages over the internet via a virtual number. All SMS messaging in The United States of America is governed by the CTIA – The Wireless Association. We do not have … Read more

How to change my number?

Let’s say you have more than one number with us. Some clients need different area codes for the normal operation of their company in different local areas. Sometimes you just need more than one line for different purposes. Changing your second number is extremely easy. First, you need to select your contact from the main … Read more

Get your own second phone number

When you install our app you get a free phone number along with free credits to test the service. If you need a specific local area code and full experience, we recommend you buy your own second number. One way to do that is via the main menu, it’s on your top/left corner of your … Read more

What is the free phone number you are sending from?

Once you install Second Phone Number, you can start using it immediately via the free phone numbers you receive in the app. The numbers are random and visible after you send your first message/call for a given contact. Again, you need to start the communication before you can see your outgoing caller id. If you … Read more

Send your first message and phone call

Sending your first message with Second Phone Number is extremely fast and easy. Upon install, you can start using the app immediately. You will be granted a free random number automatically and you can just select a contact and hit send( free credits also included so you can test the service ). Here is how … Read more